Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets forth the policy adopted by Skywind Holdings Ltd. (“Provider”) with respect to any private data (as defined in Directive 95/46/EC) received from you in the course of your access to and use of the "Slots Farm" and any related services and/or websites operated by Provider (“Application”).

By accessing and using the Application you expressly agree to Provider collecting, storing and using your private data subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Provider reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy from time to time, publishing then-current version in place of the previous one, and you hereby agree to ensure you are informed of then-current Privacy Policy at all times. You acknowledge and agree that, in case of your disagreement with any then-current Privacy Policy you must cease access and use of the Application immediately, and your continued access to and/or use of the Application shall constitute your consent to the Privacy Policy in force at the time of such access and/or use.

Use of private data

Provider will not sell or rent your private data, will not provide it to any unaffiliated third parties other than in a manner expressly set forth in this Privacy Policy and will not use it otherwise in a manner, inconsistent with this Privacy Policy.

The purpose of Provider collecting, storing and using your personal data is (i) to enable your access to and use of the Application (including, without limitation, to enable recognition by the Application of your account and allocation of your specific authentication details to you) as well as provision of user support and e-mail notifications to you; (ii) to enable various community and social features of the Application (such as leaderboards, friends list, e-mail newsletters and other); and (iii) to study, analyze, enhance and improve performance of the Application and user experience available through it.

You hereby additionally acknowledge and agree that: (i) Provider may use your personal information (including, without limitation, e-mail address) to notify you of, among other, any changes to the Application, new products and/or services available in connection with the Application, promotions, special offers and contests, as well as other similar information; and (ii) Provider may use your private data for statistical purposes, including, without limitation, in order to monitor your performance in various contests, tournaments and other events.

Your private data may be retained by Provider for the entire duration of the user account with which such data is associated. You may expressly request that Provider ceases to store and/or use certain part of all of your private data, however it is hereby clarified that Provider may be unable to do so for technical (until the respective user account is deleted) and/or legal and regulatory reasons.

External platforms and third party contractors

Application may be accessible through social network resources (Facebook and/or other) and/or other third party websites, platforms and/or services (“External Platform”). You hereby acknowledge and agree that by accessing and/or using the Application via any External Platform you authorize Provider to collect, store and use any private data provided by you through such External Platform, all in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You hereby acknowledge that such private data may include all the information you have so provided, including information regarding your political views, religious beliefs, personal relationships and other. You hereby acknowledge and agree that the foregoing information may be collected, stored and/or used by Provider as a consequence of you making such information public via the respective External Platform.

Provider may employ third parties in connection with development and/or operation of the Application or associate any services related to the Application with services provided by third parties or contract third parties to collect certain private data of and/or regarding the users of the Application (payment processing companies, database management companies, credit agencies, market research firms, etc.) You hereby authorize Provider to provide your private data to such third parties as reasonably required for performance by such third parties of their respective obligations and services.

Community and social features

By submitting and/or linking any third person’s contact information and other private data (including, without limitation, for the purpose of creation of a “friends list”, while using “friend finder” functionality, “refer to a friend” functionality or otherwise) you expressly acknowledge and agree that any information so submitted and/or linked may be collected, stored and/or used by Provider in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You hereby expressly confirm that third persons whose private data information you have so submitted and/or linked do not object to the foregoing and you assume full responsibility for submission of and/or linking to such information.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that any information made public by you via or with regard to the Application (including, without limitation, through any user profile, messageboards, chats, website postings, blogs, etc.) may not be deemed private data and shall not receive the protection afforded to private data, whether under this Privacy Policy, law or otherwise.

Cookies, links and browser use

The Application and any related websites may use “cookies” to collect information. Any private data so collected may be used solely in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You may disable cookies via options in your browser, however this may adversely affect functionality available to you in or in connection with the Application.

The Application and any related website may contain links to third party websites (including, without limitation, in the form of advertising banners). Such links do not constitute endorsement or recommendation of such websites or any product and/or service offered by them, nor do they indicate any affiliation between Provider and any third parties operating or otherwise connected to such websites. When following such links you will be transferred to third party resources and any provision of private data by you while accessing and/or using such resources (including, without limitation, via “cookies”) is not connected to your access and/or use of the Application and is not subject to this Privacy Policy. You should study the policies of the respective third parties regarding collection, storage and use of your private data.

Furthermore, Provider bears no responsibility for any exchange of information between your browser, any other third-party software you may be using in connection with your access to and/or use of the Application and any third parties. Note that your private data may be stored and/or transferred to third parties by your browser and/or such third party software in the course of use, and such storage and/or transfer is not subject to this Privacy Policy.

Disclosure due to legal obligations

You hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that Provider may disclose your private data: (i) as per the requirement of an applicable law or regulation; (ii) as per the decision of a court or a governmental or self-regulatory authority of an applicable jurisdiction; (iii) to otherwise comply with a legal proceeding; (iv) as reasonably deemed necessary to avoid liability, or to protect any property and/or rights of Provider or a third party; (v) as reasonably deemed necessary to avoid any activity and or event which Provider deems potentially illegal, unethical or otherwise publically adverse; (vi) as is necessary in order to enforce any of your obligations and/or Provider’s rights in connection with your access and/or use of the Application (including, without limitation, as set forth under respective Terms of Use). Such disclosure may be made without prior notification to you and without an obligation of Provider to exercise any potential legal remedies against such disclosure obligation.


While Provider takes reasonable steps to ensure safekeeping of your personal data and its protection against accidental loss and/or unauthorized access and/or use, such loss, unauthorized access and/or use may still occur despite such reasonable steps being implemented. To the maximum extent provided by law Provider hereby expressly disclaims any warranty with respect to the foregoing.

Without derogating from generality of the foregoing, various messaging systems as well as e-mail communications may not provide environment secure enough to ensure such safekeeping of your personal data.

Accessing your personal data

You may review, alter and/or delete any personal data by changing the applicable entries in the respective user profile within the Application or, when applicable, user profile in the respective External Platform. Absence of any respective information or of any particular information which is required, or failure to provide any information in a required form may lead to suspension or deletion of your account with the Application. Provider is unable to consult and/or warn you on the consequences such deletions and/or alterations may have on your account with the respective External Platform.


This Privacy Policy is made in accordance with and is governed by the respective laws of the Republic of Cyprus and European Union.

Titles and headings in this Privacy Policy are provided for convenience purposes only and should not be used in its interpretation.

For any questions regarding or with respect to this Privacy Policy please contact Provider at:

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